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The 6 steps of brewing

Below we will explain your the 6 basic steps to brew your own beer.


Step 1 Preparation

This is your "mise en place" for homebrewing. This will help you get all of your equipment ready to ensure a smoother brewing process. Cleaning and sanitizing your brewing equipment is a crucial step. Bacteria and other microorganisms will make your beer taste bad!





Step 2 The Mash

Beermaking starts with a process called "mashing" wich is a lot like making porridge. You steep the grains in hot water for an hour tp convert starch into fermentable sugar creating a sugary soup, called the "wort". It is important to keep an eye on the mash temperature!


Step 3 the Sparge

Sparging is the process where you soak and rinse the grains to make sure every single bit of sugar gets into your wort. Strain the grains with hot water and add the resulting sugary liquid to the wort. Nothing's wrong if you feel like you need hands to do this, ask your family or roommates to help!





Step 4 The Boil

You can add hops and any other spices to balance out the sweetness of the wort. The thirst quenching bitterness is released when hops are boiled in the wort. but the aromatic essence will evaporate at the same time. You need to keep track of time and give the wort a lot of love at this stage, so take your beauty sleep before the boil!


Step 5 Fermentation

This is when all the magic happens. Strain the chilled wort into the fermenter and aerate. then pitch in the yeast. In the next to weeks, this lowly creature called yeast will eat up the sugers in the wort to produce... alcohol! Keep the fermenter in a place away from sunlight and control the temperature so you don't piss off the yeast - Why would you? They're making free booze for you!


Step 6 Bottling

This is our favorite part. Add a bit of fine sugar to your beer to arouse the yeast for further carbonation. Siphon your beer into sanitized bottles and cap them. Store your bottled beer in a place away from sunlight and excessive heat to allow the yeast to do their fizzy business. Now you have to weeks to come up with a name for your beer!

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